Patricia and Chris

A writer, a cop, and a trip to the country

Chief Homicide Detective Chris MacLaren never took vacations before he met Patricia. But the damn woman ran off, again, leaving him by his lonesome to varnish a wood bench or go fishing. Since the countryside was never his thing, when an old flame lures him down memory lane, the missing person case soon turns into a murder.

Forget work, the beach, dirty dead cops, and her infuriating cop of a boyfriend’s overprotectiveness. Patricia wants to pretend the last weeks even happened and what better place for her ignorance bliss than Italy?

Although sometimes he’s too close for comfort, she soon misses the infuriating man. She returns home only to find he left for parts unknown with an old leather-clad dominatrix ex in search of her step-son.

The last time Christopher disappeared, mayhem ensued. This time, Patricia intends to stick by his side no matter what. As soon as she finds him, that is.

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