Patricia and Chris

The first three books of the series in one!



To keep her close, he allowed her in the team as a clerk, but only until he could suspend her or even better, have her quit. That was forgetting how stubborn she was, and now his precinct was turning into a zoo.


All she wanted was a regular job, a cold case to research and a casual affair. All the Big guy wanted was for her to spend her days writing at the damn library and her nights at his place!



If it weren’t for those damn anonymous poems and her boss’ wandering hands, she’d be perfectly happy. She was damn good at denial.


Now that she had (fucking finally) left her filing clerk job for a corporate job, Knot and Fists should give Chris a break, right? That was forgetting the old men dying on her heels. How was he supposed to keep her safe if they didn’t see each other anymore?



While the Big guy was busy getting his man out of trouble, she intended to stay away from his precinct and her filing job. What better way to resist temptations than to hide and write?


With the damn woman safely away, Chris worked on clearing his officer’s name, and if he lost some of the officers in the quartet in the process, all the better. Proving his innocence was something else, though.

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